Biogenic Reef Habitat for the Chesapeake Bay

ReadyReef, Inc. offers a permanent solution to Oyster re-establishment in the Chesapeake Bay using biogenic reef structures.


What is a Biogenic Reef?

A man-made structure that supports oysters and their succeeding generations.

A typical structure maintains 80-100 mature oysters.

Original structure shape becomes unrecognizable as reef grows.


Benefits of a Biogenic Reef

Consistent Oyster Production

A sustainable harvest of 20-30% of market sized oysters ensures permanent replenishment of inventory.


Creates a Natural Habitat

Biogenic reefs support many other kinds of organisms, including game fish drawn to the food stocks that live in the oyster shell colony.


Shoreline Erosion Control

The reef structures are hydro-dynamically designed to break up wave energy and work as a reverse revetment that captures washing material behind it, enabling marsh growth.

The oysters themselves have the ability to grow to the MHW (Mean High Water) mark, creating a wall that will only self-heigten as sea level rises.


Naturally Cleans the Bay

Mature water filtering oysters once cleaned the entire Chesapeake Bay every 3 days.

Water clarity means more bay grasses and a healthier ecosystem.

Aquaculture is a great way to supply restaurants with market-sized oysters, but they are always harvested just as they reach adulthood.